Fire2Ice Innovation

A true innovation in the portable fire extinguishing systems segment, Fire2Ice, in contrast to previously known and commercially available fire extinguishers, contains no propellant gases, aerosols or compressed air.  It is completely environmentally friendly.  Through its patented elastomeric force that the spray maintains a constant, even keel amount of pressure. This technology allows for greater control and stability ultimately leading to higher safety levels.  

While conventional powder fire extinguishers normally handle gas pressures up to about 20 psi and extinguishing spray cans handle gas pressures at around 10 psi, Fire2Ice's low pressure system F-Exx®, is only pressurized at approximately 2 psi.  The amount of energy contained in the system corresponds to only a fraction of the amount of energy in conventional systems thus reducing explosion hazard.  Even when it comes to disposal, the F-Exx trademarked technology poses no risks.  

Conventional gas pressure systems function by progressively emptying its contents and simultaneously decreasing the pressure within their containers.  As a result, the spray behavior fluctuates, allowing for less control.  This also means that the initial pressure of the container has to be fairly high in order to allow for enough pressure near to the end of the container.  The F-Exx® Fire2Ice pressure system is regulated throughout the entire operation ensuring maximum efficiency and control.