AMBRA GmbH develops waste to Energy Project

AMBRA GmbH has developed a new concept for processing municipal waste.  From approximately 2,000 tons of fresh waste, AMBRA can produce 50 MW of electricity.  This technology provides great news for clients as this developed method allows for the use of  an "endless" supply of energy from sustainable solutions.

The process consists of first separating the organic from the inorganic waste.  The biogas produced from the organic waste is used to create electricity.  The inorganic waste is separated by submitting it to a heating value of 19,000 kJ/kg.  This RDF material is then also converted to power through a gasification process.  Together, the conversion of the organic and the inorganic waste reach the goal of producing 50 MW from 2,000 t/d MSW with an organic content of 60%.

The special feature of the AMBRA concept is that it can be built in a decentralized manner.  This protects the existing pipeline network. In this specific case the customer wants to install at 2 locations.  Expansion is very straightforward because of AMBRA's modular solution.  The output power is guaranteed by AMBRA's partners and is also managed by internationally known waste management experts.