AMBRA Reind - Making the ocean cleaner

The whole world knows about the reports of the immensely large plastic carpet on the high seas, which is extremely harmful not only to the environment but to humanity as well.  This plastic floating around in the ocean eventually disintegrates into smaller pieces and becomes part of the food chain.  As sea critters and fishes consume this plastic and we then consume these animals, we are essentially poisoning ourselves. 

AMBRA Reind has developed a technological solution to this problem where we actively capture and fish out hazardous materials from the ocean.  Our next step is to install our AMBRA Reind technology on a tanker, recollect the plastic waste and from this produce gas and bunker fuel. This fuel and gas make the AMBRA Reind tanker 100% self-sustainable as it can now fuel and drive itself. The bunker fuel obtained is stored in the ship's hold and then released to other tankers for further use in ports.

The AMBRA Reind tanker continues its operations at sea while it collects plastic and transforms it back into gas and bunker fuel.  Slowly but surely, we are cleaning the world's oceans and producing useful energy while we do so.