Water becomes an asset of increasing value

In a workshop on the occasion of the exhibition in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia, AMBRA pointed out the great importance of water.
Of particular interest were the contributions concerning the subjects sewage treatment and sludge use.
In the discussion after the presentation it became clear that the whole region has recognized the meaning of the sensible use of water, sewage and sludge.
In this context, AMBRA also mentioned the developments of Gauff Ingenieure from Frankfurt.
Gauff is currently developing a new procedure to save surface water (e. g. rain). In a pilot project they will demonstrate how it can be saved and directly offered to the consumers.
Mr. Tönges could not reveal any details because the project is confidential, but it is already clear that the project has great potential.
It is evident that in a few decades the fight for usable water will clearly get more pronounced and violent conflicts cannot be ruled out.