Again and again we are faced with the task of developing projects whose only focus is for example solar energy, then we are asked to plan projects with the sole purpose of food production or some directed at waste treatment alone.

We think it is time to look at things in their entirety and apply a systemic approach for their implementation   

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Decentralized solutions for the energy supply are probably an important subject for the future. The available power grid is fully occupied and additional feeds lead to problems of a technical and financial nature. Sustainable efficiency plays an important role here, not the cheapest price. Together with our technology partner we offer one-source solutions.

The customized solar energy power source, the building of a local food production, the processing of livestock and plants on site all the way up to shock freezing are all essential parts of the system. If possible, everything is set up in one place – no long distances. Workers also need decent homes which makes social housing an important component as well. Here we can offer flexible and very priceworthy systems.

For our projects we can, if desired, provide security for the budget and construction time and also safeguard them with the help of a European insurance group.

Contact us anytime – we will gladly develop a project outline for you.