Affordable houses in developing countries

One of the biggest problems in the development of emergent countries is the existing or rather non-existing living space. Often the circumstances are such that one cannot count on a reasonable living situation, while not in deed comfort is the crucial factor but safety.


Safe living is a basic requirement for development though, just like work. Only when people are well accommodated they feel secure and will strive.


For this reason we have worked with our technology partners, investors, and initiators of infrastructure projects to find solutions. We found manufacturers of reasonable – so called “low-cost” – houses that have qualitatively sound answers to the specific requirements we encounter in different countries. The goal here is to realize a turn-key price of approx. 5,000 Euro for such a “low-cost” house of 40-45 sqm for example.


We attach great value to stability (earthquakes and wind), functionality, and safety. The sanitary facilities have to be inside the house so that women in particular do not need to leave the house anymore and therefore are no longer subject to the related hazards.


Depending on the location and customer wishes renewable energy solutions can be incorporated as well.


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