FireExx as "First responder"

The fire extinguishers we offer in cooperation with FireExx have an entirely different objective than the conventional fire suppression systems.

Our goal is to smother a newly developing fire

1)     in the first minute with a system

2)    that is child’s play to use.

It was therefore important to us to have a system that indeed can be used by children and adults directly and anytime.

Because what good does the fanciest 6 kg fire extinguisher if it has to be brought up from the cellar first, if it is too heavy and unwieldly to quickly handle in an emergency or too complicated to use in the first place?

We just have to ask ourselves: What happens with a fire after 2 minutes?

Very simple: After 2 minutes we usually have no chance of reaching the fire (its source) anymore. The heat created during 120 seconds is too high for the human body, the fire immediately robs the air of oxygen and massive smoke develops.

Even if one has the best fire suppression system there is no sense in using it anymore since one cannot reach the source of the fire.

Our solution is different: firefighting during the first 60 seconds!

This is why we chose FireExx as our partner.

FireExx has a unique formula and is a lightweight in each size (150 ml, 300 ml, and 800 ml).

No pressure container, no aerosols, no disposal problem since the material is biodegradable and the plastic container can be recycled.

Easy to use and easy to keep anywhere. We recommend to have several in the house and to place them at strategic points (e.g. the kitchen, bedrooms etc.).

FireExx is certified by the Dutch authorities, with the strictest fire prevention regulations in Europe.