An intelligent approach to food production

Land cannot be multiplied, freshwater and energy are not available everywhere. However, we humans need nourishment to survive.

Local production is the catchword of the future. It is vital to use the water, energy, and land resources in the best possible way and unburden the environment at the same time.

The population grows, especially in Asia, Africa, and South America. We cannot afford to continue clearing natural forests or jungles since we would rob ourselves of an essential resource. The forests are our largest oxygen supplier – at the same time, the trees store high amounts of pollutants that we produce.

In some countries the climatic prerequisites needed to grow and harvest sufficient food locally do not exist.


The „Food Supply Center“ can change this.

In Europe, traditional agriculture calculates as follows: In order to supply one human with food for one year approx. 2,300 m² cultivable land is needed. With a Food Supply Center about 20 m² suffice.

For example, the Food Supply Center uses the waste water from its fish farm as fertilizer for the vegetable and fruit production while the energy supply is secured by solar cells on the roof.

A Food Supply Center can also be integrated into existing infrastructure. Through the use of greenhouses one is – except for the Polar regions – relatively independent of the seasons.