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5 L package of Gastro Cleaner (concentrate)

AMBRA Clean industrial cleaner is the ultimate, 100 % ecological solution for cleaning machinery and vehicles from stubborn dirt, oil and grease.

5 L package of Gastro Cleaner (concentrate) comes ready to mix with water for use.
1:10 water solution  =  50 L water-mixed cleaning product

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For purchase of larger quantities, commercializing opportunities and deliveries outside of Europe please contact us for more information.  We offer the concentrate in the following formats:

  • 10 L of concentrate from 240,00 Euros
  • 100 L of concentrate from 2.200,00 Euros
  • 1000 L of concentrate from 19.900,00 Euros


  • Strong cleaner
  • 100% biological and non-toxic
  • Free of chemicals or aggressive ingredients
  • Free of fragrances
  • No damage to aquatic organisms
  • Dermatologically tested and completely harmless - no risk of acid burns!
  • No protective clothing required
  • No surface damage
  • Non-flammable
  • No special storage required